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Yoko report, was:Hakka report

Ben Howell <bhowell@rainbow.rmii.com> wrote:

"  Well kiddies, it is snowing HARD here in CO., and it happened so 
fast that froze REAL quick. I just got home from a drive that should 
have taken me 20 inutes and it took me an hour and a half!"

After last night's snowstorm, things froze solid. The traffic packed 
down the snow and this morning there was glare ice under a light 
dusting of new snow. FUN! Glad I got a Q. 

Anyway, just another data point on snows. I got my Yoko Guardex 600's 
a month ago, thinking I needed something more durable than Blizzaks. 
The tread feels as soft as the Bridgestones, but after a month, the 
mold marks are still visible. The tires are fantastic on ice. The 
polystyrene compound definitely adds steering feel. Snow handling is 
neutral with slight trailing throttle understeer, but the Q responds 
with power on oversteer. Lane changes with these tires are nothing. 
There is none of that grip-slide-grip feel going over the snow berms. 

At a ski area last weekend, a Maxima driver decided the "safe and 
prudent" speed was too slow, and passed a bunch of cars. I waited till 
we got to a light, pulled even and smiled (OK smirked). The Maxima got 
a car length start, the Q is no drag car. But by the time we got 1/2 
way across the intersection, he was fading fast. There was 2" of snow 
on the ground and the tires bit like on dry pavement; unbelievable!

Had Hakkas on my Saab years ago, and I'd still prefer them for really 
DEEP snow; for medium snow and icy conditions, the Yok's are 

Too bad I live so close to work, need to take the long way home 
tonight. :) Have fun in the snow everyone, just don't be stupid.

Lakewood Co