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Radio theft concerns...

I have an Eclipse CD Player in-dash model 5331.  It's got an interesting
security feature.  If power is cut (ie: fuse, stolen or otherwise) the CD
player requests your "key" CD before it will operate.  The "key" CD is the
one you selected just after you installed it...that is....you take out any
CD you happen to have and insert it into the player...the player reads the
CD...and that is your secret code...my key CD is:_____________.
  If a crook takes your player he/she has 12 tries...after that the CD
player tells you to call a number for free service...the crook is told (if
they call) to send in the player and that they will fix it.  Eclipse knows
you own it because the serial number is registered.   John Law is then
notified of the senders (crooks) address for the return of "his/her" CD
player.  Eclipse is pretty good.  When I tried to transfer the 3 year
warranty, they asked for the maiden name of the former owner's mother.
Fortunately, I still had his number and got it.  Warranty transferred.  To
boot, Eclipse makes a great CD player and wattage ratings are more honest
than most manufacturers.  Mine is a true 12 per channel and sounds great
through the German MB-Quarts in the front.

Royal 90 90Q20v