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Re: Yoko report, was:Hakka report

On Dec 17,  7:41am, Jeff Loh wrote:

> Anyway, just another data point on snows. I got my Yoko Guardex
> 600's  a month ago... after a month, the
> mold marks are still visible. The tires are fantastic on ice. The
> polystyrene compound definitely adds steering feel.

I just put a set of Yoko Guardex 600's on my A4Q about a week
ago, thus guaranteeing a minimum amount of snowfall in NJ for
the upcoming season.

As of yet, I've had no snow/ice to try them on, but I must say
that I'm pretty happy with their general manners on the road
thus far.  A tad squirmy, but still quite respectable for a snow

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q