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Swapping ur-q calipers onto GT?

Does anybody know if the front brake calipers from an Ur-q can be fitted
to a 4KQ/GT w/o major surgery? and still be able to run 14" wheels? 
(Regardless of what I buy for summer/track wheels, my snows are on the
stock 14" rims.  I don't want to have to swap brakes around each Fall
and Spring)

The reason that I'm looking into this is that my brake pads of choice
come sized for the Ur-q calipers (14mm material thickness vs. 11mm on
the 4K/GT) and I have to pay to have them shaved down to fit.  They both
use the same backing plate, as near as I can tell the only difference is
in the thickness.

If I could bolt up a set of Ur-q calipers then I would save $20 each
time I buy pads and they'd last longer to boot!

Thanks all,


P.S.  If they will fit, anybody got a spare set after their "big brake"
upgrade they'd like to part with?
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