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RE: 91tqw20v headlight woes

Tom- to improve the paltry lighting for your Aero-light audi:

1. DO get aux. driving lights if you want to do it cheap. I intalled 
Bosche's on my 200QTW with very little incident. All you need is STRONG  8 
mm allen wrench and some wiring knowledge. Blaufergnugen has the lights for 
around 70$ and an OEM fog light switch. If I were to do it again, I'd shell 
out extra and get the brightest, best lights (maybe PIAA or CATZ). But these 
were simple and are very effective.

2. DON'T get the high-performance bulbs. These things burn so hot, they'll 
fry the connecting wires and MELT the bulb housing. Plus, the improvement is 

3. IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, get the euro lights. Check out Peter's web site at