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RE: 200tqw20v headlight woes

You can have Euro lights for a lot less than $1000. There's a place that
does it for less than $700 (what I paid for mine, thus that's my
reference point) which was mentioned on the list a couple of weeks or so

The drawback to hanging things from your bumper is damage from curbs and
flying objects as well as vibrations. If you can recess them nicely into
the grille, you'll be much better off, but there's so little vertical
space in that grille that it's very hard to find anything that will fit.
There are several 91 200s with fog lights there on the list though. I
would prefer driving lights myself, but with the Euro lights I'm pretty
much satisfied for now. I just put in 130/100W H4s and 130W H3s the
other night and, Hallelujah!: this is what headlights were meant to be!

Have a look at my Web page (see below) for more info on the Euro lights
(wiring etc.).
- peter
  peterhe@microsoft.com - http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  issaquah, wa, usa

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>This is a fabulous car with really bad lights. I have scanned what  time
>would allow and I see I am not alone in my opinion. Understand Euro lights
>can be had for $1000, or Piaa, Hella, etc can be hung from the bumper. Am
>wondering what people think is the best option for great night vision. We
>don't drive as fast at night  in Montana, but sometimes need to see the
>deer lurking in the shadows.
>			TIA.
>				Tom Agnew
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