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FS 1984 Coupe GT in Cleveland, Ohio

The ad has run in The Cleveland Plain Dealer for two days. I live 60 miles
from Cleveland and know nothing about the car. Here is the ad:

     Audi 1984 Coupe GT.  92K miles.  New clutch, brakes, air.
Cruise, power windows. $2,500/offer.
     phone (no area code given) 398-7157

The most common Cleveland area code is 216

Some residents were recently switched to a new area code 330

If you want to call about this ad, try the 216 code first and go to 330 on
your second try.

I'm posting this because of so much recent activity about people trying to
buy GT Coupes and just missing them... apparently lots of listers want them,
need them and can't find them. Hope someone finds that this is exactly what
they had in mind. Usual disclaimers and notice of no personal interest
apply. If you want me to get involved, email me and I'll try whatever you
have in mind. I travel to Cleveland about once or twice a week, in the few
hours I have free after reading all the stuff on this list every day.

86 4KcsQ