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RE:'86 4000 quattro purchase

In a note dated 12/17/96, Jeffrey Smethers asks,
>I just signed up to the digest today as I am looking at the purchase of an
1986 4000 >Quattro.  I would appreciate any advice, especially things to
watch out for, on this >model.  Is there a better choice for a Quattro in
this vintage/price range?
Things to watch out (or prepare) for include; struts, strut bearings, control
arm bushings, various other suspension bushings, tie rod ends, ball joints,
etc. Mufflers are notorious and OE are outragously expensive. Aside from the
obvious, the cars are bullet-proof! As with any used car
purchase...condition, condition, condition!!! Try to find a babied one from
the first owner with all records, etc. A better choice??? Umm, if you can
stretch for the cost and added maintenance expense...an urq or 5ktq! If low
maintenance costs are a concern the 4kq is by far the best option. I feel
that the 4kq is the best used car bargain there is today! You might be able
to find a VW quantum synchro a little cheaper, but they seem much harder to

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (my 3rd and loving it!)