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Re: Yoko report, was:Hakka report

In a message dated 96-12-17 11:53:15 EST, jeff.loh@fluordaniel.com (Jeff Loh)

> a Maxima driver decided the "safe and 
>  prudent" speed was too slow, and passed a bunch of cars. I waited till 
>  we got to a light, pulled even and smiled (OK smirked). The Maxima got 
>  a car length start, the Q is no drag car. But by the time we got 1/2 
>  way across the intersection, he was fading fast. There was 2' of snow 

I enjoy doing this to Land Bruisers and Path Losers every winter on my
slightly shy of 300hp
'89 200TQ with 4 Nokias. Same as you are describing, only I get to beat them
all the way from the stand still. 
You pull up next to them in a deep snow and they look down at you with such
an arrogant expression on the face: "sucker, are you nuts? you don't know who
are you messing with here". Then the light changes to green and we nail it.
They go gulp, gulp in my four rooster tails, trying to make that tall,
upright, automatic lump of iron go straight, while giving me this dumb
surprised look, like: "what the hell was that?".
Some times I have to restrain myself as not to shout: "this is an AUDI
I envy all of you guys in Colorado! Can't wait to go to VT and to Canada this
coming weekend.

Igor Kessel