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Brake adjustment

I have an '89 90 Quattra that is a great car exept for a weird brake 
problem.  After driving the car for about 10 miles on the freeway without 
using the brakes, they begin to apply themselves.  The pedal becomes rock 
hard, does not move and all four wheels seems to start dragging evenly.  A 
hard jab of the pedal releases everything and the car is fine.  The ABS 
switch has no effect on the problem and the brake system checks out fine by 
the dealer and an Audi specialist.  I believe, though grasping a bit, that 
the pedal is simply adjusted to high.  There is virtually no play, which is 
usually great, but as the fluid warms and expands I think it needs just a 
little more room.  The pedal has a threaded adjuster, but I have been unable 
to adjust it.  I can remove the U-joint from the brake pedal, but as I turn 
the adjust nut, the threaded rod turns as well.  I have tried to lock the 
rod with vice-grips, but access is limited and it still spins.  Is there 
something I am missing in trying to adjust this?  I am geeting really 
frustrated, but don't want to spend another $100 at the dealer to here the 
brakes seem fine.

Thanks for any advice.

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