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re:17" wheels and offset banter


     If you are confident that your wheels will fit a lowered car, then we
     should talk about getting some for mine or at least defining what you
     have.  I still need to call some OEM connections I have to see what
     might be available or possible for such a good customer as
     Chrysler...heehee:-). I really prefer 16" though given the roads here
     in Michigan and the already harsh nature of my set-up.

     And yes I went asking numerous people here at Chrysler who deal in
     wheels and some who have worked at places like Lotus and everyone
     agrees with the definition I posted for you.  The Brits say "inset"
     and "outset" to define positive and negative offset.  The same guy who
     told me this also said that the Germans use the same terminology BUT
     it means the opposite to them which has caused some confusion in the
     past...sounds like this is what happened to you perhaps?? I guess both
     of us are correct in our own way but I believe that for continuity's
     sake we should adopt the system most commonly accepted in the US which
     is the definition stated in my previous post.  If you still don't
     agree, we'll just have to agree to disagree!  I hope we don't confuse
     too many listers, though.<:-)'.

     Please let me know about your wheels whatever the offset sign!!

     Brian Vinson

     PS  I have been unable to mail you directly...do you have a problem
     there with your provider?? (I get "invalid recipient)

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     >PS: saw your web page and your 200, did you lower it at all?  it
     doesn't look >like it in the picture so I wonder if your magic 17"
     wheels would fit:-

     Nope, it hasn't been lowered (yet!) but it won't make any difference
     when I do get around to it since I checked clearances by stroking the
     struts and shocks through their full range of travel without any
     springs.  As such, it doesn't matter where the static ride height ends
     up since they didn't rub anywhere....

     BTW, not to beat a dead horse, but have you verified that Audis do
     indeed have negative offset wheels?  I was surprised to see the Tire
     Rack's web page has it wrong, as well ... maybe the auto industry uses
     different terminology but I've checked a half-dozen of my reference
     books and they all say the same thing.
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