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Re: Brake adjustment

More info.

The car is in excellent condition with no rust or corrosion (babied San 
Diego Car) and the brakes seem to work very smoothly.  How did you get the 
rod out to clean/adjust.  That seems to be my problem.  The rod turns when I 
put a wrench on the U-bolt that goes around the pedal.  Is there some lock 
mechanism or release that I am missing.  Should the U-bolt turn easily 
around the rod? or should the rod not be turning?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

>Jad Duncan wrote:
>> I have an '89 90 Quattro that is a great car exept for a weird brake
>> problem.  After driving the car for about 10 miles on the freeway without
>> using the brakes, they begin to apply themselves.  The pedal becomes rock
>> hard, does not move and all four wheels seems to start dragging evenly.  A
>> hard jab of the pedal releases everything and the car is fine.  The ABS
>> switch has no effect on the problem and the brake system checks out fine by
>> the dealer and an Audi specialist. 
>I saw this once on a customer car...
>Turns out that the rod you mention, (between pedal and booster) was 
>coroded. It happened to be out of sight so it wasn't caught at first.
>What was happening was the brakes would be applied once or twice with out 
>much force (like stopping before pulling out of the driveway) and the rod 
>would not allow the pedal to release completely. In turn the brakes were 
>on a small amount, causing the fluid to get hot and expand thus kept 
>getting more and more pressure.
>The fix was to pull the rod out and clean it.
>No probs since.
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