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Re: Brake adjustment

Jad Duncan wrote:
> More info.
> The car is in excellent condition with no rust or corrosion (babied San
> Diego Car) and the brakes seem to work very smoothly.  How did you get the
> rod out to clean/adjust.  That seems to be my problem.  The rod turns when I
> put a wrench on the U-bolt that goes around the pedal.  Is there some lock
> mechanism or release that I am missing.  Should the U-bolt turn easily
> around the rod? or should the rod not be turning?

Bear with me, this was 5 yrs ago...
Seems that there is a nut right behind (firewall side) the u-bolt. If I'm 
remembering right, put something in the U to hold it, or leave it on the 
pedal, loosen the nut, then the U-bolt _should_ turn free of the rod.
As far as the other end. I really don't remember. 

Anybody BTDT, or have a bentley handy????

Todd Candey.