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4000Q modifications?

Hello all, I am back. <g>

I need to ask a couple of questions about mods to a 4000q, not sure of the year
yet.  And I know Euro car has done some articles on the 4000q upgrades, tires,
wheels, suspension, and the like, repairs and upgrades.  But I think I missed or
they never touched the brakes.  So what is the best brakes I can get for the
easist swap of parts?

Also what can I do to the engine, a turbo engine fit under the hood?

And what is the best suspension I can get, most everything else I think has been
covered.  Euro-lighting avalible for these cars if it has the areo lights.  I
know bosch has euro H-4 lights that retro into the earlyier cars.

Stephen Jacobs