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RE: 97 A4 Motion Sensors / break-in period

This may be abuse of a new car, but I did it and the car is still great:  The 
day of delivery I took it on my old daily commute of 120 miles round trip.  
Yeah, I kept it slow-ish, but I still did it.
Jon Linkov
'96 A4q

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Subject: 	RE: 97 A4 Motion Sensors / break-in period

Bob Cotton <bcotton@synxis.com> writes:

>The internal motion sensors. Cannot seem to set off the alarm via the
> motion sensors

One of my colleagues has a '96 A4Q and told me how his alarm once kept
going off every couple of minutes for no apparent reason.  Closer
inspection revealed that he had accidentally locked a fly into the car
which kept triggering the motion sensor.

On another note, I should be taking delivery of my '97 A4Q this week.
Unfortunately, I have to travel 180 miles down to Maryland on Friday
and back on Sunday.  I gather it would be a bad idea to take the new
car?  What if I keep the RPMs relatively low (what's the limit during
the breakin period?) and try and vary them during the drive?  What are
some general rules of thumb during break-in?

-- Shakil
   '97 A4Q

Dr. Shakil Ahmed                          
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