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On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, human wrote:

> >> I do enjoy oversteer and feel more safe feeling the rear end slide 
> >> slightly rather than front end going wide.  

Haha, only on really slow turns...

> >... one of my favorite sayings is:
> >"Oversteer scares the passengers, where understeer scares the driver."  :)

That may be true for some.  My passengers are scared all the time.  I'm 
too dumb to be scared.  :-)

> OK, I'm sick of trying to remember what someone told me once.  What is the
> definition of oversteer and understeer please?  I keep trying to figure it
> out from context....

Oversteer = when the rear end slides towards the outside of the turn.

Understeer = when you turn the steering wheel, and the car keeps going 

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