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RE: Speed traps and Radar

Yes, they all swear to tell the truth on their new products...!
And, police have better vision than even fighter pilots.  One saw me in the 
right lane of a 5 lane wide highway being passed by EVERYONE, but decided I 
was passing something (the wall?) and pulled me over.  NOTHING to do with out 
of state plates, I'm sure.......

From: 	Ivan Sever
Sent: 	Monday, December 16, 1996 2:22 PM
To: 	Jonathan Linkov; quattro@coimbra.ans.net
Subject: 	RE: Speed traps and Radar

On Mon, 16 Dec 96 22:33:05 UT ValiumNJ@msn.com (Jonathan Linkov) wrote:

>Well, new radar guns, I have read, are both front AND rear shooting AND
>pick a car out of traffic.  No more hiding with the trucks.  But, this
>is what
>I have read, so.....

I read that too. And as we know, no manufacturers before ever
exaggerated their claims...  
At any rate, no read-out on any traffic radar gun gives indication as to
where that read-out came from. It's still up to the police officer to
attribute each one. In this case they are let to believe the read-outs
are caused by the vehicles they happen to be looking at.

Ivan - 97A4Q