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Re: Multimeters

Steven Bucholz said:
>...is a much better option ... and it is a digital meter.  If you do your own
>tune-ups one thing that is a necessity is the ability to measure duty cycle.
>A few years back I found a digital meter made by SunPRO which works quite
>well on Audis.  I believe that the model number is CP7678.  The thing that
>is really nice about it is that it does have the 5-cyl setting for tach and
>dwell (although dwell is not too useful any more).  I happened to get mine
>on sale at Grand Auto for ~$60 a few years back, and I have seen them for
>sale at Sears as well.

I agree that the SunPro 7678 is a nice combination, but it has one (IMHO)
serious flaw:  DC amperage.  It only has a 15A setting, which does not
work if you need lower sensitivity (e.g. 10mA for fuel injection pressure
actuator current). 

If you don't need this, then it is a nice unit.  For low amp readings, I
borrow my friends Radio Shack top-of-the-line unit that even includes
capacitance measurement and BJT transistor tester.  I think his cost a bit
over $100 while my SunPro came in at $90 from Autozone.  One of these days
I'll spend the money on a reasonable Fluke...