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Re: A4 1.8T Manual. I know of 3 right here!!!

> Date:          Sun, 15 Dec 1996 11:16:49 -0700
> From:          JET <jet@denver.net>
> Reply-to:      jet@denver.net
> To:            quattro mailing list <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
> Cc:            clark@rmi.net
> Subject:       Re: A4 1.8T Manual. I know of 3 right here!!!

> Chad Clark wrote:
> >Hi Guys,
> >  
> >I've been following this inquiry as to when the first 1.8 T 
> >Manuals come to the states. Well  I don't know if I'm going to ruin 
> >anyones day but here in Colo. Spgs., Colorado at Phil long Audi, they 
> >have at least 3 '97 1.8T Quattro MANUALS. That's right, the ones with 
> >the stick shift! In fact, I have yet to see one with a slushbox. The 
> >colors? YELLOW-ohhh! , GOLD-weird but nice and SILVER-very sweet!
> >All have the 16 inch five spokers and all have a  Km/hr speedometer 
> >that runs up to 260km/hr. Am I going nuts or do we just get lucky 
> >here in Colorado?  
> >Just thought I'd let everyone know and as to my 
> >preference? The yellow one is way too cool! Tint the windows dark, 
> >get a black bra and throw on the ski rack! Then chip it up!
> >                                        Chad Clark
> Chad-
> Do you have any specific experience with Phil Long Imports?  When we
> were first going to buy an A4, I contacted them through the Internet
> buying service Auto-By-Tel.  They were a bunch of jerks!  I called them
> at least 5 times and no sales people were ever available and nobody ever
> called me back, either.  I ended up staying closer to home and bought
> one from Stammler Imports in Boulder.  They are a class act -- highly
> recommened to anybody in the Colorado area.
     I refuse to refer anyone to Phil long Audi here in Colo. Spgs. I 
NEVER take my car to these idiots! They tried to charge me $735 for a 
four wheel alignment -4 mount and balance. I had a frozen bolt on the 
front tie rod and a frozen bolt on the rear A-arm. So does this 
justify $735? I laughed so hard I was almost crying! I took the car 
to my mechanic and his alignment contacts and ended up paying $145 
for a 4 wheel  align.-4 mount and balance, new tie rod and bolt 
drilled out of rear A-arm with new one put in. I HATE the dealership 
> BTW, I keep seeing adds for A4 1.8T's in the Denver Post.  Both Prestige
> Imports and Continental Audi are saying "order yours now."  They don't
> seem to have any -- I wonder how Phil Long got a hold of three of them.

     See my follow up post.
>                                        Chad Clark

 Jason Teller
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