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Re: 5ktq, no power

Hey James,

         I would be inclined to check the full throttle sensor. It 
has 3 positions in which it allows more throttle. If it sticks in a 
certain position-like the first stage- then stalls or sticks for a 
while before opening the rest of the way, it will seem like the car 
is down on power. I had this replaced as I had the same type of  
"loss of power" Sometimes I could hit 1.7 bar immediately and at 
other times I could only hit 1.3 and then suddenly it would jump to 
1.7 bar(15 psi boost). It also could be the wastegate frequency valve 
near the firewall- but this would usually only give you low boost all 
of the time. Check the full throttle sensor with an ohm-meter first 
in all 3 positions. 
                              Chad Clark '87 5TQ