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Re: Get offset

> Revolution is Racing Wheel Services at 215-945-3834.  Ask for Bill cobb.

Caveat emptor if you choose to deal with these folks ... they are quick to
make promises but very slow to deliver.  I have a friend who GAVE me a set
of 6 8.5x15" 3-piece RFX wheels with cracked centers because he had to buy
something to replace them, having waited 12 months -- Yep, ONE YEAR -- for
Bill to come up with replacements.  Whenever he called, he was always told
"they're on the water" and to check back in a few weeks...

As for me, I tried to BUY a set of centers to replace the cracked ones and
although Bill promised to give me a good deal, he never managed to give me
the price ... always told me to call back in a few weeks because he had to
check with the factory!  I also tried to BUY a set of wheels for my '81 4k
way back when and gave up after waiting several months for delivery...

A nice guy, maybe, but lousy when it comes to serving his customers! 

As for the Compomotives, the importer is called Motorsport Specialties, Inc.
and they're in Quarryville, PA.  I worked with Alan and although things did
not go quite as smoothly as we both hoped, everything worked out in the end.
Their number is (800) 621-8408...
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