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Re: Further 4000 questions

In a message dated 96-12-17 19:07:52 EST, you write:

<<        There was also a 5 cylinder non quattro 4000 that was 
 produced in '86 and '87.  Available with a 5sp. or slush.  Badged 
 Audi 4000 CS       Had 110 hp.  Anyone know where they got another 5 
 hp for the 4000 Quattro's to make it 115 hp?
                                      Chad Clark

I worked at a dealer for two years and have never even heard of a late model
US 4000 with a 5cyclinder.  According to the Audi microfiche the only 5
cyclinder 4000's in the USA were either the Quattro's or the 1980-1981
4000's.  I've seen several 4000 cs's (non Quattro) that were four cyclinder
but never a five.  Canadain cars were available with a choice of 4 or
5cyclinders.  BTW the 4KQuattro utilizes a freer flowing exhaust to gain the