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Re: quattro-digest V3 #1551

In quattro-digest V3 #1551, quk@sievers.com (Phil Payne) writes:
>But radios that _can_ be trivially removed and replaced are common in, e.g., 
>Italy.  I wonder if Audi have a variant for that market?

I can answer this.  I have some Audi brochures here that I picked
up in Italy (Napoli).  These are dated from March to November 1994.
The photos in these brochures (A4, A6, A8) show the Audi Delta
[extra wide] radio, with labels in English
(eg. Treble and Bass, rather than Hohen and Bass).

However, when you ask at a dealership about radios, you're told that
they import the cars into Italy without the Audi factory radios and
then install aftermarket Radios that are bought in Italy.
The reason given is that the Audi radios are too expensive.
Your mileage may vary, and it may even differ in other parts of Italy.

>Euro radios as well as Euro lights!

Yes, that's what I have (the Euro radio, that is.)

Whilst on vacation in Germany last June I bought an Audi German market
in-dash CD player (Audi Gamma CD with RDS,  4A0 035 196) and installed
it in my 1995 us-spec Audi A6Q.   Can you say "expensive?"

I had to install an amplifier for the front speakers, but other
than that, it was a drop-in replacement.  It has the label "Hohen"
instead of "Treble," the AM section tunes in 9 kHz steps instead
of 10kHz, and the traffic information features will never be of any
use in the US.  Has "GALA" too, but it doesn't seem to work in my car.

Full details available on request.

(If anyone has an euro-spec Audi radio and knows how to switch
 the AM steps from 9 to 10kHz, I'd love to hear from you.)


Franco Barber				Columbus OH USA
95 A6Q w/Gamma CD mit RDS!		feb@febsun.cmhnet.org