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Re: Roof-mount antennas...

In a message dated 96-12-18 00:44:52 EST, jafo@tummy.com writes:

>  >I've decided that rather than drill a hole in my rear fender to mount an
>  >external antenna on my '89 200q, I'd like to go with one of those
>  >Fubas on the roof ... rather than mount it on the back of the roof, I'm
>  What about the "through the glass" mount antenas?  I haven't checked, but
>  I'd think you'd be able to get one that would work well in the FM
>  range (100MHz).  I've been very happy with the 150MHz/440MHz one that I
>  have on my RX-7, and will probably install one in the new A4 along with
>  a 10M one as well possibly.  Then a cell phone?  At least they'll disguise
>  the radar detector.  :-)

I'll back that with my own very happy experince with a through the glass
mounted CB antenna.
Excellent reception (comparable with a 52" whip) and a clean european look.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ