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Right Hand Drive conversion..

In message <32B6A74A.53E6@batelco.com.bh> Steve Adams writes:

> Phil,
> Thankyou for faxing those car prices..


> Im trying to make a cost comparison between buying a UK car or
> converting the one I have..
> A company in Australia that has done these conversions suggests that a
> firewall replacement is not necessary just some redrilling and bracket
> fabrication.
>  Apparently the parts I would need to source from the UK would be.
> RH Dash
> Steering rack
> Pedal assembly including cross shaft for the brakes
> Clutch master cylinder ( I dont know why the LH would be different??)

On RHD cars, the clutch master cylinder is fed with fluid from its own
little reservoir just in front of the driver.  As I understand the
microfiche, on LHD cars it taps the brake fluid reservoir.  At any rate,
the clutch master cylinders _are_ different - LHD is 857 721 401A and
RHD is 478 721 171.  The RHD reservoir is 897 616 209.  Some of the nuts
and bolts are also marked "RHD".

The front tie rods are also different.  Don't forget things like the
electric mirror controls - new door armrests, etc.  Also the boot
release will be in the passenger "B" pillar.

These parts are easy to spot on the spares microfiche - "LHD" appears
justified right in the "Remarks" column.

> Can you suggest a contact in the UK I could ring for prices and
> availability info?

See my post yesterday for contacts.  I still think it's impractical.

 Phil Payne

 (phil@sievers.com, despite what the bounces say.  If I don't
  reply, your message is probably still stuck on a Demon punt.)

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