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Re: Help! 4KCSQ control arm ball joint

From: Nicholas Menaker <72074.2716@compuserve.com>

>I have an 86 4KCSQ, I am in the process of replacing the RR lower control 
>bushings right now, and the transmount bushing.  I noticed that the ball 
>on the bottom of the strut mount, where it connnects to the control arm was
>worn, so decided to replace it, but cannot get it off.  I removed the 
>but it does not want to budge.  What would you recommend to get it off?

The Bentley manual shows how to do this.  It shows a special tool which is a 
retangular plate (about 1" x 4") with some nuts and bolts.

>From memory:
Using the large nut from the ball joint, the plate is attached to the ball 
joint.  This means that the plate is an inch or so away from the hub 
carrier.  Using some bolts and nuts, the plate is levered away from the hub 
carrier and pulls out the ball joint.

On my car (1084 80q), the good-condition ball joint on one side came out 
without any special tools - the worn one on the other side didn't want to 
come out at all - I'll get it in the summer when it's more comfortable to 
work on the car.

1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant