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Wobbly crank, uh, crank pulley.

OK, guys, let's try very hard (argh!) to stick to the subject at hand (oh
no!) - the crank pulley on my 5KS wobbles - clearly visible, and threw an
alternator belt into never-never land Monday. Replacement belt squealing and
loose after about 15 miles - local Audi guru (who is really very good) says
"They all do that" - some are worse than others - don't sweat it.

Are there shims or anything for alignment? Is the pulley itself bent? Is the
wobble even important (must be - the outermost belt, alternator, is the one
that would be affected most, and that's the one that went - )

Most important: How do I fix it other than swapping out the pulley, which is
a real bear to get at - yeah, I can SEE it, but try to get a wrench on it!
(Typical Audi complaint!)

Wobbling slowly down the lane, 

Mike Arman