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4KQ, TQ Coupe, Questions

Well, it feels damn good to be back on the Quattro Net.. Damn good!

I just have a few questions and comments re: my '85 4KQ:

Let me start by saying that I have spoent over $5-7K 'redoing' every inch of
this car, here's soime of what i've had done -- Just as an aside - anyone
looking for an Audi/Benz, BMW/VW shop in the Boston area should not waste
there time -- Go straight toi The Benz Den in Belmont Ma.

Boges all round
All new suspension: ball joints, tie rod ends, CVs, control arms, etc.
New Audi orig. exhaust
actuators for diff locks
Engine stuff: alt. belts, plugs., etc

And lots more.  The car runs like brand new- but I need some body work done
and I have a massive spot where paint is missing on the hood..

Questions - I want to wait till spriing to do the work -- how do I keep the
car from rusting?  Where can I get this done right - without payin huge $$$

Also, I need back brake,with calipers and rotors  --  Can anyone recommend
aftermarket parts- or should I just stay Audi original?  I've heard Repco
makes killer pads..

3rdly - Dave Clark - owner of the Benz Den has an 83 Turbo Quattro Coupe.
It is the definition of what the car should be like..

He let me take it for a spin -- and I am convinced that I need either that
particular car -- or I need to do a 'turbo converesion' on mine.

Given the $5-7K  i've already spent -- I'd like to do a 'turbo-conversion'
on my 4KQ.  Dave from the Den is doing a project like this one - using an S4

Any question/concerns/comments/advice on this one??
Richard A. Haroutunian
New Business Development,  LitleNet LLC
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