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RE: A4 break-in period

    JonLinkov> This may be abuse of a new car, but I did it and the car is
    JonLinkov> still great: The day of delivery I took it on my old daily
    JonLinkov> commute of 120 miles round trip.  Yeah, I kept it slow-ish,
    JonLinkov> but I still did it.

The day after I picked up my A4Q, I was scheduled to make a 300 mile trip.
After waiting for 4 months to get it, I couldn't very well leave my brand
spankin' new car in the garage now could I ?  I asked the dealer whether it
would be OK to take it, and he said that as long as I following the break
in instructions in the manual, I would be OK.  I further made sure that I
didn't spend an extended period at any one RPM - I made sure I cycled
through the gears at least once per hour.


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