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Re: Euro-spec bumper trim

Type 44 Euro bumper stuff is a whole different approach, not simply
metal vs. plastic.  For example, the metal trim bolts to the bumper, not
the body. You would need to grind the mounting studs off the body
panels and repaint in the rear.  Next, the shapes and lengths of the trim
pieces are all different due to entirely different shape of Euro bumpers.
It goes on and on.  No simple swap. Be happy with plastic.

DeWitt Harrison     de@aztek.com
Boulder, CO

Jeffrey wrote:
>I need to replace the chrome trim panel over that covers over the gap
>between the bumper covers and the car, and I'd like to use the brushed
>stainless-steel stuff I've seen on some euro-spec cars (and similar to that
>used on the 4kq) instead of the plastic stuff used on the US-spec cars.  Can
>anybody provide me with a part number so I can start my search?