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Re: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder

    BMBRPLT@aol.com> i've 12 0000 miles on my 96 A4 and only experience
    BMBRPLT@aol.com> driveline shudder if i pop my foot off the clutch.  i
    BMBRPLT@aol.com> think it is just part of the play in the driveline to
    BMBRPLT@aol.com> keep it smooth as long as the driver is.  Are you'all
    BMBRPLT@aol.com> talking about the automatic?

    Dan Masi> Nope, we are indeed talking about the stick, and as you say,
    Dan Masi> the shudder is only induced by a fast clutch.

What you mean "we" kemosabe ?  #|8-}

I have an automatic and see it too.  In addition to the the ~1400rpm
constraint, I've also determined that (for me at least), it happens while
decelerating between 45 and 40mph (the downshift from 5th to 4th ?), with a
light throttle or no throttle at all, on relatively flat roads.  Even given
all that, I *still can't* produce it at will.

I'm beginning to like the single vibrating exhaust system on the grassy
knoll theory.


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