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Export Audi for $$$$$$$

Can any one help this fellow out.  Keep us posted if you do!

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Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 12:54:26 +0900
From: KAZUMA FUKUSHIMA <f6606095@ca.aif.or.jp>
To: Chris Tucker <ctucker@du.edu>
Subject: Thanks, all

Greetings everyone.

I want to thank all of you who accepted my communication and answered my 
Because the Sport Quattro is a special car I realize that it is difficult to 
However, I want to wait patiently believing that someday in the future I will 
surely obtain one.
So I would be most grateful if you would share any information you have with me, 
even if it is only minor.

What I am looking for is the street version of the Sport Quattro.
There are many mountain passes in Japan that have spectacular views.
I want to drive this Sport Quattro through these mountain passes.
I think the car's value falls by half if it is just left in a garage to be 
My responsibility is to maintain at the peak state the function as a car of this 
rare automobile.

There is another Quattro that I want.
This is the Ur-Quattro.
When the Ur-Quattro was being sold only a few units were imported to Japan.
In Japan the Ur-Quattro is called the Big-Quattro and acquired many WRC fans 
together with the LANCIA Rally 037, etc.
However, at the time I didn't have the financial means to purchase it.
So now I really want to realize this dream.
If someone wants to sell a good condition Ur-Quattro and the conditions are right 
then I want to purchase it immediately, so please let me know its history and 
sales price. Also I would be very pleased if I was able to view a photograph of 

Anyone with information for me regarding the above can contact me through e-mail 
or facsimile.

I ask for the cooperation of anyone who would export these automobiles to Japan.
I will pay the handling fees.
I will send by bank wire the cost of the automobile and the handling fee to the 
bank account you specify.

Last of all, I want to mention Japanese-made rally cars.
Those with interest in these cars please read the following.If any of you want 
Japanese-made rally cars or accessories then please contact me.
I can obtain most anything.
I will help to send these things to your country.

I don't speak any foreign languages but we can communicate in writing.
I await your answer.