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My letter to AoA, they never wrote back...

Well, it seems Audi is tired of me and my advise.  It's been several weeks
since i left my comments at the Audi web site, and no response, Oh well, I
tried.  It's now someone else's turn to write them.............

                    /\        _I                Christian J. Long
                  /    \ I_I I_I I              Orlando, Florida, USA
                                                University of Central Florida
Class of 1994
1990 Coupe Quattro    Red/Black, K&N cone, BBS wheels, 80K          
1990 90                     Gold/Tan, 70K, LOOKING FOR REAR WING SPOILER
Past Audis:
'80 5KT  '84 Coupe GT  '85 Coupe GT  '875KCST(Dad's)  '87 Coupe GT2.3