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Re: Wobbly crank, uh, crank pulley.

Earlier, Mike Arman wrote:
> OK, guys, let's try very hard (argh!) to stick to the subject at hand (oh
> no!) - the crank pulley on my 5KS wobbles - clearly visible, and threw an
> alternator belt into never-never land Monday. Replacement belt squealing and
> loose after about 15 miles - local Audi guru (who is really very good) says
> "They all do that" - some are worse than others - don't sweat it.

No, they don't all do that!  Maybe a few 0.01mm, but not much.

Make sure it isn't about to come off the end of the crank!  There's a
large bolt holding it on the crank, whinh should be tight.  the pulley slides
a long ways onto the crank and is located via a woodruf key - so if the
bolt's loose seems to me it could slip off the end of the crank while
it was still being driven by the key - large wobble ought to occur just 
before things come loose.  (at least it's a theory).

If you need a pulley, let me know maybe I can find one.

    - Charlie

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