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Re: The Hakka Report!

I can definitely agree with the abilities of the Hakka 10's.  When I got
mine 4 years ago I had them on an '81 Scirocco, (175/70-13 size).  The
first time I got to try them was during a blizzard.  I was nice and cozy
at home and there was 12 inches of snow on the ground already when I
decided to clean off the car and go play.  I turned down a street that
has a bit of a hill to it and I started thinking that might not have
been the best route to chose.  As I got to the hill I saw some poor sap
in a Honda hopelessly stuck half way up.  I drove past him at about
35-40 mph without any problems.  I then turned into a nearby condominium
complex which had yet to be plowed.  As I went around the lot I could
see I was leaving quite the trough behind me.  I should have charged
them for "plowing" their lot.  I even tried stopping and starting to see
if I could get stuck.  No such luck.  They are definitely THE tire for
deep snow.

If these tires are this good on a 2000 lb lightweight of a car like the
Scirocco, I can't imagine how great they must be on a heavy Audi
w/quattro.  I'm sure a few of you out there don't have to imagine.



From: Ben Howell <bhowell@rainbow.rmii.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 1996 14:57:50 -0700 (MST)


  Unfortunatly I wasn't in my Q (my better half feels a lot better when
she is driving it), but I was driving a front wheel drive VW with
175/70-14 Hakka 10's on all four. They were absolutly amazing! Passed
numerous 4Wd's and traction control equiped japanese vehicle's. My
to anyone who lives in inclimate weather is...RUN do not walk to go get
these tires! I would not be typing this right now, had I not had these