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Z28 Encounter

As long as we're telling stories......

I was going to the airport the other day, on backroads in CT going to
Providence, RI. Had a lot on my mind, and missed a fork in the road. Went down a
couple miles and figured out I wasn't on the right road.

I went down a very long (about a mile) hill, and turned around at the bottom.
Nothing around...no houses, nothing. Well, I gun it in first (7,200, thank you),
to second (7,200, thank you), look up in my mirror and see a sports car coming
up fast in my mirror. I'm going up the big hill and keep it to the floor in
third. The car catches up some more and I hit redline and shift to fourth. The
sports car (a new Z28) was trying to pass me the whole time. Terminal speed at
the top of the hill was about 115 MPH. I far out paced him by the top of the

Then I slowed down to about 85, left it in fourth on the way down the hill. He
started to pass me (really just accelerate to catch me), I nailed it in 4th. He
was full throttle the whole time, he never closed on me, in fact, he just keep
falling back, my terminal speed was about 120 MPH.

I just love driving that pearl 91 200q with tinted windows while blowing away
the competition.

BTW, I'm moving to Chicago in January, and thanks to somebody on the list, I'm
going to try and get AUDIOS as my vanity plate (never had one before).


Paul Waterloo
Colchester, CT

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com