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Re: Factory Fog switch/Connections - Help!

	I installed a set of hella driving lights on my 87 4000csq which 
I'm sure are installed the same.  I originally wanted to hook them up 
using not the ugly rocker switch that came with the kit but with a 
factory switch that cost me $50 at the the local audi dealer.  However, I 
then decided that It would be easier to wire my lights to the "high-beam 
wire entering my headlight( for fogs you should use the low-beam wire).  
I believe that instructions for doing so were included in my set with the 
wiring diagram for hooking them up using the switch!  You also might look 
into some clear plastic covering that will allow you to keep the "hella" 
light covers off w/o having to worry about them breaking!  The stuff is 
pretty expensive but not as expensive as a new lens.  The plastic  is 
un-noticable and can withstand a pellot shot from 15ft. Call Griots 
Garage at (800) 345-5789