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RE: Smiling as I go to bed!

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Mark Nelson wrote(quoting Trisha, I think):

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> >From: 	Trisha Bethen[SMTP:trishab@mv.mv.com]
> >Sent: 	Wednesday, December 18, 1996 3:15 PM
> >To: 	Mark Nelson
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> >Subject: 	RE: Smiling as I go to bed!
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> >Speaking of Stuckey and the Quattros....my sons have an awesome poster
> >of him at LRP with the front wheels off the ground catching air on the
> >uphill......the last time he ran the Quattro there for IMSA......it is

Hmmm,  I don't remember that at all.  Not sure why.  Eric, where you 
there?  Musta been a former life.  :-)

	(Its a typo guys, it wasn't me, it was "Hans Stuck"  I just figured 
with Dave spreading all these rumours about me being a race car driver, 
maybe someone actually took him seriously!  :-) )

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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