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Re: oil filters

> I have recently purchased an 86 5000CST-with single oil filter system.
> I was wondering, can I use the same Knecht, Mann, or Bosch filters I
> have allways used on my non-turbo audis and VW's?  I seem to get a
> different story from every parts house.
> Thanks
> Jeremy Walters
> San Ramon, CA

IMHO the WIX brand is a good one, manufactured by the Dana Corporation.
(100K experience with 180 total now on the car).  My parts guy has had
cutaways of them on display with a few other brands.  There was a
significantly greater amount of filtering paper in the WIX than the
others.  Granted, he didn't have the German brands, only the popular
American brands.

Dale McCormack
87 5KQ