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Re: understeer/oversteer

At 07:01 PM 12/17/96 EST, fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com wrote:
>understeer is considered a "safer" condition for most drivers since it is

>a stable condition - you initiate your turn by steering toward the center    
>of the arc, the fronts start to slide, you dial in some more steering

>toward the center of the arc, etc.

also considered safer 'cuz the driver's natural reaction to severe
understeer (i.e. too hot into a corner) is to slow down, causing the car to
tighten its line.
if your car naturally oversteers and you go in too hot, slowing down only
makes it worse (esp. skinny-tired old 911s).  

i don't recall who started this thread with the comment on rear-brake bias,
just remember that you've gone away from Audi's original design;  even more
so if you've done other things to make the car oversteer as you prefer.
this is fine if you are the only person who drives the car, but if you ever
let someone else drive the car (especially a self-styled "spirited" drive),
you probably owe them at least a warning to the way your car drives compared
to others.  2 pennies.
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