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Re: Brake adjustment

don't recall all the details, but the adjustment is not so much for the
height of the brake pedal as the position of the piston in the MC.  when off
the brakes, the piston needs to clear a relief port in the MC to allow fluid
to go back into the reservoir--hold the piston a bit (fraction of a mm) too
far and you will get the situation you describe.  best solution is to get
the MC out of the car and set that push-rod properly--rebuild the MC while
you're at it!

At 11:22 AM 12/17/96 -0800, Jad Duncan wrote:
>the dealer and an Audi specialist.  I believe, though grasping a bit, that 
>the pedal is simply adjusted to high.  There is virtually no play, which is 
>usually great, but as the fluid warms and expands I think it needs just a 
>little more room.  The pedal has a threaded adjuster, but I have been unable 
>to adjust it.  I can remove the U-joint from the brake pedal, but as I turn 
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