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RE: Smiling as I go to bed!

On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, Trisha Bethen wrote:
> > > Our beloved Mr. Graydon is getting quite the racing reputation on the
> > > list lately...
> > > Might you be referring to the honorable Hans Stuck?
> > 
> > Oh yes.......our dear Graydon, I doubt could drive like my German
> > idol.....or are you a reincarnate from somewhere else.....

Well Trisha, I think our very own Mr. Stuckey and his 600hp 5ktq could
give Mr. Stuck a run for his money. Ask Dave Head if your unsure about
Graydon's hidden talents...   Maybe you should
adopt a new idol, one in Michigan maybe...  
Enough already. :-)

Brendan Rudack 
Unfortunately, no racing heritage in the family name. :-( 
'88 90Q