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86 tqw brakes

Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: 86 tqw brakes                                                          
greetings to all:                                                               
recently the yellow brake warning triangle from the computer display on my      
86 tqw started illuminating continuously (with ignition on, of course.)         
since i had just fixed something (i think it was new abs sensor caps) i         
assumed it was the usual audi gremlin that transports freely from the brake     
fluid system (blowing bubbles while you bleed) to the pentosin system           
(slicing high pressure hoses) to the abs sensors.  anyone recognise this guy?   
today i noticed the darn thing is actually telling me something - like i have   
no brake pads!  my first clue was the sound of metal on metal.  :(              
i'm looking for suggestions (and experiences) from the frictionally astute      
(or is that fractionally?  =8)                                                  
i'm considering everything from slapping on a set of slags or el cheapo pads    
($$ for now) and not even resurfacing the rotor, to the full-on upgrade($$$$),  
which probably means new wheels (more $$$$).                                    
i'm leaning toward a new set of drilled rotors and cool carbons ($$$),          
(in which case i may still do the el cheapo route until i can get the rest      
located and delivered)                                                          
anyone with details on suppliers, approx costs, etc please email me privately.  
of course any discussions of general interest should be directed to the list    
as well.                                                                        
tia and enjoy the holidays safely (he says without brakes)...