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Re: anyone install their own alarm?

In a message dated 96-12-18 12:45:58 EST, dans@ans.net (Dan Simoes) writes:

> I'm leaning towards either the Excalibur alarms (since I've used them
>  in my GLI) or the Prestige series look good.  I can get a nice
>  Prestife for under $100, especially if I get 2, with the usual
>  barrage of features.  My only requirements are door lock outputs,
>  starter kill, shock sensor, led, anti-scan/code hopping, good
>  warranty (pref. lifetime).  If you have any recommendations let
>  me know.
Dan, get a Prestige. Reliable, bullet proof and have all the essential
features. I installed dozens of them in various cars and yet have to see one
going bad.

Prestige is made by Japanese Audiovox, so all bells and whistles, made by
said Co. can be added later. Its kin are as follows:

APS1/2/3 etc. - single button, non programmable,
APS 10/20/30 etc. - dual button, non programmable,
APS 100/200/300 et. - dual button, programmable, with antiscannimg features.

I have also installed dozens of Alpines, Excaliburs, K-9 etc. alarms.
Prestige beats them all in reliability, value and REMOTE RANGE(!)

I have Prestige APS200 ($100/ea) in my both cars. The remotes are fully
with 3 frequencies on 2 bottons. I also have an Audiovox garage door
interface ($50),
that can be programmed to work on the same frequency, as the alarm's remote.

So now each of my tiny alarm's remotes performs the following functions:

Button 1: his car lock/unlock
Button 2: her car lock/unlock
Button 1+2: garage door open/close

Igor Kessel