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'89 200TQ: control pressure regulator help needed

In message <961219010757_1589989635@emout10.mail.aol.com> I6941tb@aol.com writes:

> Everything is kosher by Mr.Bentley

Did you pull and plug the breathers exactly as described?

> And it does lean out under high boost according to my boost gage and
> mixture analyser.

Ah! Equipment!

They _all_ lean out to a degree at high boost.  Do you see the
WOT-triggered enrichment come in?

3.4 bar is about right for the control pressure on a warm engine, BTW.
I wouldn't bother messing with the warmup regulator - it's somewhere
else.  Right now I'd be checking WOT to ECU signals.  Unless, of course,
you already know that's working.

 Phil Payne

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