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Re: Further 4000 questions

FYI, my first Audi was an '83 4K non-Q with a five cylinder engine.  I
bought it new from the dealer in Charleston, WV.

At 06:22 AM 12/19/96 GMT, you wrote:
>In message <m0vaZmD-001EryC@rmii.com> "Sherry & Chuck Clark" writes:
>>                      Ok, Ok I guess I was just dreaming when I 
>> thought Audi built a 4000 non-Q 5 banger. At a public auction in 
>> Denver one summer, I remember looking under the hood of an Audi 4000 
>> CS with a 5 Banger in it. I counted the spark plugs! 1,2,3,4,5. 
>It's possible they didn't export them to the USA, but they certainly _DID_ 
>build them.  We drove one for ten years, sold it to some local people, and 
>still see it about from time to time.
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