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Re: anyone install their own alarm?

At 03:50 AM 12/19/96 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 96-12-18 12:45:58 EST, dans@ans.net (Dan Simoes) writes:
>> I'm leaning towards either the Excalibur alarms (since I've used them
>>  in my GLI) or the Prestige series look good.  I can get a nice
>>  Prestife for under $100, especially if I get 2, with the usual
>>  barrage of features.  My only requirements are door lock outputs,
>>  starter kill, shock sensor, led, anti-scan/code hopping, good
>>  warranty (pref. lifetime).  If you have any recommendations let
>>  me know.
>Dan, get a Prestige. Reliable, bullet proof and have all the essential
>features. I installed dozens of them in various cars and yet have to see one
>going bad.
>Prestige is made by Japanese Audiovox, so all bells and whistles, made by
>said Co. can be added later. Its kin are as follows:
>APS1/2/3 etc. - single button, non programmable,
>APS 10/20/30 etc. - dual button, non programmable,
>APS 100/200/300 et. - dual button, programmable, with antiscannimg features.
>I have also installed dozens of Alpines, Excaliburs, K-9 etc. alarms.
>Prestige beats them all in reliability, value and REMOTE RANGE(!)
>I have Prestige APS200 ($100/ea) in my both cars. The remotes are fully
>with 3 frequencies on 2 bottons. I also have an Audiovox garage door
>interface ($50),
>that can be programmed to work on the same frequency, as the alarm's remote.
>So now each of my tiny alarm's remotes performs the following functions:
>Button 1: his car lock/unlock
>Button 2: her car lock/unlock
>Button 1+2: garage door open/close
>Igor Kessel
>I also installed an alarm system in my '87 5ksq. It was an autopage, with
the identical features as Igor described.
I had to purchase an extra module, however,  which worked with the remotes,
in order to make the door locks functional. It mounted in the drivers door.

Lenny Rosenbaum