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Re: RE: Smiling as I go to bed!


> I also remember drivers that would try and follow his through a corner
> (as most inexperienced drivers do to try and learn) and he would take a
> really unconventional line that naturally the quattro would stick too,
> but the car behind would end up doing a 360.

I was watching another round of the Australian TCC last night on SpeedVision. Starting 
front row:  A4Q    A4Q
second row: 320    320
third row   who cares??

finish lineup
first   A4Q
second  A4Q
third   320
fourth  320

The announcer said something like, "We can clearly see the advantage 4WD provides those 
bright red Audis on a tight course like this. Don't even worry about setting up a racing 
line, just floor it and hold on!" :-)