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re: <'86 5KT> Stainless exhaust?

Someone asked the problem behind wanting stainless....

This is at least the second muffler on this car and the rest of the pipes
right up to the manifold are ready to crumble on short notice.  Doubtful
they can be wrenched on in any way. I posted about body rust a while back,
despite being galvanised I have some  surface rust on the rockers, 4" long
top to bottom of rocker by front jack point. Likely started as a nick.  The
rust damage potential out here is EXTREME, I have since found several areas
where once the paint and galvanizing are rubbed through the rust runs under
the galv and lifts it. Most exhaust systems are good for about 5 years max
here, then 2-3 if cheapo nonOEM are used.  The 2x higher price for stainless
is worth it in the long run.  Any info?  Thanks, Tim