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Oil Filters

Auto-X magazine (now Grassroots Motorsports) did a comparison of oil
filters a couple years back, and the WIX came out on top.  
It had the most filtration medium in it, and higher quality than the others
tested.  Unfortunately, I don't have the article any more so I can't tell
you what the competition was.  
I've used them before, and they've got anti flow back valves (at least they
do in the 16V VW application).  Another plus (IMHO) is that they're white,
so I could write the mileage on it with  Sharpie (tm).  Good for those of
us who tend to forget the last time we changed the filter/oil.

>IMHO the WIX brand is a good one, manufactured by the Dana Corporation.
>(100K experience with 180 total now on the car).  My parts guy has had
>cutaways of them on display with a few other brands.  There was a
>significantly greater amount of filtering paper in the WIX than the
>others.  Granted, he didn't have the German brands, only the popular
>American brands.
>Dale McCormack
>87 5KQ

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